A trade name is a first impression. It can help set the tone for building an impactful brand. Constructing an ownable word that achieves regulatory approval and provides commercial opportunity is both a science and an art.

Amy Baynard

Creative Director

Brand Name Screening & Evaluation

More and most viable trade names.​ Leaderboard’s proprietary screening and evaluation of name candidates is not a static process, but a fluid one. Our approach to regulatory and legal viability allows us to present your team with more proprietary names with great viability for approval. Our goal is to show strong names and inform your team of potential regulatory risk so you can confidently choose a name that best suits your product and your organization.

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Custom Primary Market Research

Leaderboard understands the importance of name safety for regulatory approval, but also the value in an invented name with high commercial and marketing potential. Through a customized market research approach, Leaderboard will research top name candidates with your target audience to assess key metrics for the success. Intersecting name safety data with commercial potential, Leaderboard can develop a clear recommendation strategy to discuss and align teams.

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Safety Simulation

Safety is of upmost importance in all we do at Leaderboard. Brand names endure rigorous testing and real-world-simulation to uncover potential errors and mitigate risks. Our robust process and steeped in a deep understanding of medication error prevention and regulatory requirement. This level of testing allows Leaderboard and its partners to bring authoritative recommendations to regulatory agencies – clearly outlining processes, risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies.

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Trade Name Development Capabilities

Brand Name Development
Category Name
Category Name Research
Class Name
Class Name Research
Condition / Syndrome Name
OTC Product Name
Formulation / Dosing Name
Pharmaceutical Name Research
Linguistics Screenings