At Leaderboard we build strategic partnerships, allowing us to tailor our services to fit your needs. We create a customized process based on objectives, deliverables, time and budget. Our goal is to drive brand building with an authentic brand strategy, mindful of execution and your teams’ unique needs.

Positioning & Messaging

Leaderboard creates a data-driven process to successfully lead teams to a long-term strategy that meets key brand criteria. We work with you to define the unique value your brand brings to the market and direct how your brand can stand apart from competition.

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Brand Architecture

A well-defined brand architecture strategy can amplify your business strategy, emphasize what is important and different, and help customers understand the portfolio. Leaderboard will work to outline an architecture and naming strategy to be used in the future.

Naming Strategy

Documenting rationale and using decision trees, naming guidance helps teams name products consistently and aligned with the broader portfolio. We want to set you up for success in the future.

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Strategy Capabilities

Architecture Strategy
Awareness, Attitude & Usage
Concept Testing
Message Testing
Brand Architecture
Brand Implementation

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