One benefit of conducting brand research with a brand consultancy is how the insights are gathered, interpreted and used to further build the brand. Our research process is not a stand-alone step in the development of your brand strategy – it is integrated into every stage of development to continuously guide the process in the right direction.

Name & Logo Testing

Customized name testing market research designed to understand the pros and cons of the top name or logo candidates can help understand opportunity, risk and align teams. Unique research with custom prompts allows your team to collect feedback most critical to your brand success.

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Linguistics Evaluation

Leaderboard engages trained linguists to assess name candidates in key markets. We evaluate many aspects of the names, such as direct meaning, connotations and similarity, pronunciation, and associations. This is a key step in developing names that are globally acceptable and mitigating potential risks across the globe.

Brand Equity Assessment

Understanding the key aspects of your brand that make it stand out can be a cornerstone of your brand and business strategy. What better way than to hear directly from the audiences you care most about. This process involves brand health research, brand message testing, competitive brand assessment, and other brand audit services to accurately gauge the familiarity, awareness, and drivers of your brand today and into the future.

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Research Capabilities

Consumer Name Research
Corporate Identity Research
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Line Extension Name Research
Linguistic Research & Evaluation
Medical Device Name Research
Tagline Research
Consumer Brand Name Research
Name Validation
Logo Validation
Brand Equity Tracking
Brand Audit

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