With today’s access to information and search across multiple channels, great healthcare brand positioning and messaging are clear, compelling, credible and customized to each audience.

Brannon Cashion

Managing Partner

Build A Reputation

Properly guided positioning and messaging of your brand can unleash its potential and set it apart from the competition. Our team of experts combines creativity with well-researched data to help you deliver a strategy and message that captures the essence of your brand, highlights uniqueness and drives audience engagement.

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Define A Positioning Strategy

A well-defined and articulated internal strategy is a cornerstone for brand development. It takes into account challenges and opportunities, balances external factors with internal strengths, and acts as a guiding principle for team members and brand partners. Does your team have a clear positioning strategy for your asset or portfolio? Leaderboard specializes in positioning development to drive your brand forward.

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Consistent & Compelling Message

Communication matters. The right information, shared in the right way, with the right audience – this is the goal for compelling and memorable messaging. Defining the story for your asset and tailoring appropriately can keep your brand at the forefront. Having the right tools at your disposal is key to keeping teams and partners on-message (what we say) and on-brand (how we say it).

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Scientific Lexicon

When an asset is in development information changes quickly and details are critically important. Whether educating an internal team, executives, investigators or key opinion leaders – a Scientific Lexicon aligns teams to the language to speak about and on behalf of the product in development. A breakthrough treatment introduces new verbiage for audiences to learn and become familiar with. An innovation of a well-known science has competition and assumptions to address and overcome. Wherever an asset lives on that spectrum, having a clearly defined language during development is helpful in streamlining communication and making the most positive first impression.

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Positioning & Messaging Capabilities

Nomenclature Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Disease State Definition
Competitive Understanding
Scientific Language Alignment
Brand Assessment
Brand Discovery / Positioning Research
Mechanism of Action
Scientific Point of Differentiation