As drug development continues to evolve and new innovations are evaluated, developing a meaningful nonproprietary name to differentiate your asset is important. Your nonproprietary name will be with that asset forever and requires the attention of an experienced team.

Andy Cuykendall

Managing Partner

Unlock Potential

Nonproprietary naming gives a company an opportunity to start thinking commercially. Leaderboard believes it is crucial to take the time and develop a thoughtful naming strategy that can not only lead to approval but can benefit your organization into the future. ​Consider the potential story the product could tell – there are great opportunities to have the generic name contribute to that long-term story.

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Generate New Stems

When working in a breakthrough class, a new stem could be an opportunity to further differentiate your product as well as communicate with greater clarity to an audience of medical professionals. Leaderboard has the regulatory expertise and creative experience to help your organization navigate these opportunities.

Regulatory Experts

Working with defined stems in nonproprietary naming poses its own challenges and opportunities. Understanding the guidance in order to clearly communicate the class of the drug while developing a unique point of view is one of the first instances where a new compound is named. The nonproprietary name will continue to be referenced over the course of the drug lifecycle. Build a name with a strategic perspective – for that, Leaderboard makes a perfect strategic partner.

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Naming Capabilities

Nonproprietary Name (USAN/INN)
Naming Strategy
Stem Nomenclature Identification
Biologic Suffix Development
Modifier Development
USAN/INN Stem & Class Naming
Non-proprietary Submission Strategy
Application Development & Support