Drug Safety

Med-ERRS®, the Drug Safety Division of Leaderboard Branding, brings industry leading experience in medication error mitigation to each step of pharmaceutical brand development. From naming to design to package and label – our team has a unique lens through which we evaluate brands to not only optimize commercial potential but mitigate safety concerns as well.

Device & Diagnostic Naming

Medical device branding and naming requires a unique combination of creativity and practicality. Whether an individual device, a platform in development or a portfolio of products – Leaderboard is experienced in developing naming and branding strategies to help audiences understand products and navigate portfolios. Our team is here to help you navigate the competitive landscape and appropriately name for use and safety. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the aspects of your product and share how Leaderboard can help you find the perfect name.

Healthcare Corporate Branding

The importance of corporate branding in the healthcare industry is constantly growing, where smaller and startup companies sometimes struggle to gain recognition. At Leaderboard we understand that small, medium and large companies have different needs and challenges – no initiative is the same. Our experience helps companies think through their brand’s possibilities at the corporate level and develop a strategic plan to help them get there.