Your brand’s visual identity is often the first thing potential customers see, and it is often what resonates in their minds after an interaction. Our branding and identity design services can supply you with the necessary visual branding assets to make sure the images associated with your brand name are exactly what you want them to be.

Logo and Packaging

Logo design should be strong enough to stand alone – whether corporate logo design or product brand. Packaging is unique, it is a hands-on experience with your brand. A successful package execution can visually inform the intended buyer of the product’s purpose and reinforce the overall brand reputation.

Marketing Materials

Consistent and impactful – marketing materials for your company or product are exponentially more effective when they are cohesive across all platforms. A strong brand identity design will aid in the creation of marketing materials that work as a family to build the strength of the overall brand.

Brand Standards

Brand identity guidelines are not for a shelf – they are used as an integral part of brand management. Brand standards can align internal teams to consistently develop and implement on-brand, external executions across platforms.

Leaderboard Design Capabilities

Visual Identity Research
Logo Development
Brand Standards
Package Design
Corporate Identity Development
Identity & Stationary Systems
Labeling & Packaging
Logo Guidelines
Style Guide

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