Good design is subjective. Great design is strategic. At Leaderboard we combine clear strategy, robust creative and drug safety perspective into design – creating brand logos, visual systems and carton and label designs that help partners achieve their branding goals.

RJ Clouse

Director of Strategy

Logo Development

The visual identity of your pharmaceutical asset is one of the first places your brand will come to life. Our pharmaceutical graphic design specialists will pair regulatory expertise with creative insight to develop strong logos for your brand built on strategic guidance.​

Our team leads a robust process alongside your team to understand external factors and direct visual exploration. We specialize in using concepts and colors to enhance your brand’s characteristics and help your target audience have a more holistic experience with your brand.

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Visual System Development

A logo is an important piece, but still only one piece of a well-defined visual system. As your brand is applied across mediums having a fully constructed visual system allows for distinctive and exciting visuals at each touchpoint. Make an impression with each interaction – let Leaderboard help you construct an engaging and memorable visual system.

Package and Label

Package and label design requires developing highly impactful brand graphics that work seamlessly with clearly articulated medical information. Design and drug safety work hand in hand at Leaderboard, assuring the proper development of your packaging. These elements are a crucial part or your brand’s visual identity – they are also subject to a high level of scrutiny for drug safety.

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Leaderboard Visual Branding Capabilities

Trade Dress Research
Product Labeling / Packaging