Clinical Trial Branding is one of the first opportunities pharmaceutical and biotech companies have to start building and influencing perceptions about their asset and brand.

Vince Budd

Managing Partner

Why It’s Important

Effective clinical trial branding has the potential to build brand equity that can increase throughout the duration of your trial and could aid in the successful positioning of your eventual product. Competition for attention is increasing. More trials compete for investigator’s share of mind as well as for physician and patient recruitment. An internal code name or trial designation used as the brand will not optimize your trial’s potential the way a true brand can.

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Reaching Your Target Audience

When considering patient recruitment in clinical trials, the name is just the beginning. Your brand should speak for itself – a cohesive logo, well thought out visual system, and compelling copy create a clinical trial brand that can garner attention. These elements, when developed properly, work together to clarify the message you want your target audience to hear.

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Clinical Trial Branding Capabilities

Clinical Trial Brand Strategy Definition
Clinical Trial Name Development & Screening
Visual Brand Development
Clinical Trial Logo Library & Guidelines
Print / Digital Template Development